Our Vision

Better bees, better honey, better life

is our slogan and our vision.  We are working forward together to achieve our goal through our monthly activity, our public awareness campaign, and our series of workshops as well.

 JBA is dedicated to advancing the art of beekeeping and assisting the people who pursue this noble and worthwhile venture.  JBA founded to promote objective interests in honeybees and beekeeping by participating in both national and international conferences and meetings.  JBA is encouraging healthy beekeeping practices in Jordan, and disseminate useful information about honeybees and beekeeping.

JBA is working very hard to adjust and control the regulations related to beekeeping sector to the best interest of beekeepers, bees, honey, and the lives of the public.



Our Mission

The JBA is acting on behalf of the beekeeping industry on issues affecting the interests and the economic viability of the various sectors of the industry.

The mission of the JBA is to provide our members with a medium for sharing knowledge and mutual interest in beekeeping, and to educate and promote the benefits of beekeeping to the world, in a forum of friendship, fun, and responsibility toward our environment